Become a sponsor

GKR Karate will again be opening its 2019 World Cup to a selected group of sponsorship partners that wish to share the opportunities and benefits of this exciting, unique and high-profile event.

Our participants and primary audience are no doubt concerned with their health, fitness and personal safety whilst being passionate about competition at a high level. This is a rare chance to access this dynamic market and maximise your organisation’s exposure to thousands of like-minded competitors and parents.

The club has over 200,000 followers between our global and local Facebook pages, with a further 14.12k on Instagram and 2500 on Twitter. These accounts enable GKR Karate to achieve an average reach of over 200,000 unique impressions each week. During the 7 days surrounding our last World Cup in 2017, GKR Karate achieved a record reach of over 2million unique impressions across our social media channels.

All in all, this is an exciting, cost-effective, unique and high-profile opportunity for any potential sponsor to reach and influence such a global market.

To be a part of this International event, simply contact our Sponsorship team at to discuss the best sponsorship package for you!